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Word Connect Answers All LevelsWord Connect Answers All Levels. Hello Friends. This page is created with the only purpose to help you find Word Connect Answers, Cheats and Solutions. Word Connect is a new game similar to many others games like Word Cookies and Word Shop but with an unique design. What makes Word Connect better than the other games? It’s a very responsive game in which you don’t need to wait minutes and minutes to pass to the other level which sometimes is obtained with difficulty. The idea is simple each level has a bunch of letters and some empty boxes which you need to fill by finding the word based on the letters given. You need to swipe the finger in the letters that you need to form the word you thought. Word Connect is created by Zentertain Ltd, which has released also 4 more versions of Word Connect game in different languages. After finishing reading different Types Of Books you can continue to play your favorite game. The languages available for the moment are Spanish, French, Italian and Portuguese. Don’t forget to check all.


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