Word Connect Gameplay

Word Connect GameplayWord Connect Gameplay.We have created this page to give you the best instructions in learning how to play Word Connect Game. First you will need to get this app to your smartphone. We have shared below the links where you can download this game on both platforms Android and iOS.

iOS Download Link: Click Here
Android Download Link: Click Here

After downloading the Word Connect you will start to play on of the most successful game of the moment on the Appstore and Google Play. The developers when they launched the game used another name for their company which was Wenzhong Zhan. So if you downloaded it with Wenzhong Zhan company don’t worry because it’s the same game we are writing about. Wenzhong Zhan changed the name of the company to Zentertain Ltd.

Word Connect Gameplay

Each level has more than 4 letters and all you need to do is swipe your finger through all this letters to form as many words as possible. We have posted 3 pictures below showing you how to play Level 1 of Word Connect game.

Level 1 Word Connect
Swipe you finger through the Letters to form the word BED
Word 2 in Word Connect Game
Swipe your finger to the second missing word BE
Level 1 Completed Word Connect
The 2 words needed to pass this level where BE and BED
After completing each level this frame with LEVEL CLEAR will appear on your mobile.




















We have also posted a video which shows you how to play the Word Connect Game.